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Has an educator made a difference in your life?

Wisconsin's educators are committed to the success of their students
and to their local communities. When an educator goes the extra mile,
it doesn't just affect one person, it makes a real difference in all of our
lives. Show your support for educators. This site was initially
created for Teacher Appreciation Week, but any week is a
great week to pay tribute to your favorite educator.
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Trudy Hundt, St. Francis School, St. Francis

Ms. Hundt cares about her students' learning, even going out of her way to apply for grants to help give students the resources that the school can't affort to buy.

From: Terri

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How have you thanked an educator?


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How has an educator influenced your life?


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Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day on May 3 as part of Teacher Appreciate Week. Visit for special artwork, news releases and ways to get involved.
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Discuss this topic