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Educators rally in Appleton against budget bill

Posted: 2/11/2011 5:05:41 PM


More than 100 educators rally outside Appleton Post Crescent on Friday, February 11, during a visit to the newspaper by Governor Scott Walker. Walker this week introduced a plan today to strip the rights of workers to have a voice in workplace issues. For more, visit


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Comments 11

  1. Nicholas 2/15/2011

    People must make sacrifices to balance the budget: THE WORKING CLASS. Somehow the income of the wealthy is sacrosanct, but teachers and workers must accept wage cuts. This is explicit CLASS WARFARE. The ruling class won't sacrifice, so their strong-man Walker and their cronies in the legislature will force the workers to shoulder the entire burden. Only the police unions aren't affected because Walker needs a police state to enforce such an outrageous attack on so many people. The threat of using the National Guard makes this explicit. The workers of Wisconsin must unite to force Walker to resign if they don't want their Union and their wages to be next on the chopping block. The wealthy control the government and industry and they will not sacrifice unless forced.
  2. Richard 2/13/2011

    Amy, thank you for your comments.  Dennis, however, probably won't read them because he's moved on to spread his blather elsewhere.
  3. Amy 2/13/2011

    Hello, Dennis,

    Where were you while I was exercising my 1st Amendment rights between 4:30  and 6:00 on Friday, February 11, 2011

    The protest was at 4:00p.m.  on Friday;  after school.  The Governor was supposed to leave the Post-Crescent offices at 4:30, and we were told by our union to be there at that time, so I was able to put in an hour of the unpaid time I put in every Friday night, getting ready for the next week.  [I usually stay later, of course, but felt meeting the Governor was more important]. 

    Everyone there was a working teacher, or a student, in the Fox Valley schools [all the children were with their parents;  we don't organize our students].  A few retired teachers showed up as well.

    It is unfortunate that the governor keep us waiting in the cold for an hour and 1/2 and then ducked out a side door, so we were not able to engage in any dialogue.

    I'm sure the Superintendent could tell you both that all the people are actually teachers, and that they were exercising their rights under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution (perhaps you learned about that in school?) on their own time.  Or you could file a freedom of information request for the Governor's time logs -- I'm sure the State Police could reassure you about the time frame.

    I'm proud to be living in the United States where this type of protest is not illegal, and I'm proud to be a teacher. 

  4. Richard 2/13/2011


    If you knew anything about WEAC, you'd know that the picketers weren't "hired."  If you did some research you'd know what time this occurred.  And if you knew anything about law, you'd know that you don't give up your rights when you retire.

    Your boss should check to see if you sent your message on your work computer.
  5. Patty Fischer 2/13/2011

    There are more people that this will affect than the teachers. I work at a school district and have been for 29 years. If this law gets voted in it will do more damage than anything. First the WEAC unions, then the other unions. And then WE THE PEOPLE will have no say in anything. It will all be what ever management says and we will be poorer than we are now. AND THE RICH WILL BECOME RICHER! and in the long run our children will be the ones to suffer! Where is democracy! I
  6. Ben 2/12/2011

    Replying to Dennis:
    They were there at about 4pm or later.  A simple search in Google or in the local newspapers would have answered that question before you jumped to the conclusion that they were "hired picketers" and called for them to be investigated and/or fired.  It was after the school day. 
  7. Dennis 2/12/2011

    I think it would be interesting to see what time of the day the teacher protest was taking place in Appleton against Gov. Walker.

    Was it between 8 AM and 3 PM ?

    Were those real teachers and not all retirees or hired picketers by WEAC?

    If they were real teachers; why weren't they in the class room?

    Did they call in sick? IF they did they should be fired for malingering.

    The Superintendant of Appleton School District should look into this.
  8. Deb 2/12/2011

    Horaay for the Appleton People!!  We all need to get out and show our strength as soon as we can!  See you all at the Capital Tuesday and Wednesday!  The following I got from the WEAC website:

    Public employee unions plan actions
    Posted: 2/11/2011 11:23:32 PM

    Here is an update on activities to fight Governor Walker's attacks on educators, public employees and families:

    A radical proposal to strip state and local public employees of their rights to organize and collectively bargain is scheduled to be voted on by Thursday, Feb. 17. Come to the Capitol Tuesday and Wednesday to help stop this radical attack on Wisconsin Workers.

    Tuesday Feb. 15 and Wednesday Feb. 16
    10 a.m. Legislative Briefings at Masonic Temple, 301 Wisconsin Ave, Madison
    11 a.m. Lobby Visits, State Capitol
    Noon Rally on Capitol Square
    Tuesday – State Street Capitol Steps
    Wednesday – King St. Capitol Entrance
    1 p.m. Resume Lobby Visits, State Capitol
    In addition, for those who cannot get out of school, there will be vigils at the Capitol Square both evenings from about 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. with speakers at 6:30 p.m.
  9. Bob West 2/12/2011

    Police and fire were carved out because the Governor knows that job actions by these two groups frighten people most. Safety of person and property are usually at the top of the fear hierarchy.  Some suggest they were carved out because of endorsements but not true. The largest police organizations endorsed Barett while it is true Milwaukee endorsed Walker. This a bad thing for police and fire as well but certainly not the devastating blow that is to others. The economic pain will get them at the bargaining table as the 175,000 people who are getting robbed will be their comps.  This is the second time teachers are singled out, now with other publice employees, remember the QEO which was only yours? 17 years of severe wage and benefit restrictions. Now this assault to eliminate the union all together.

  10. Rick 2/12/2011

    I don't think he could pull this off without police support. Taking away workers rights to join together and collectively bargain has historically cause social upheaval.  You can"t be a Hitler without a Gestapo.

  11. Sarah Sabelko 2/11/2011

    Thank you for taking the time to organize this and take a stand.  Tonight I listened to the Govenor's address and am left wondering why are we any different than the police and fire service in our importance to what we offer on a daily basis?

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