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A site for National Board Certified teachers and candidates

Share your thoughts and questions about National Board Certification.

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Comments  30

  1. Linda 4/11/2011

    I've been considering embarking on board certification for quite some time now... anyone know if there is still funding at the state level or is that money gone, too? thanks.
  2. Julie Poetzel 4/6/2011

    I am going to start my renewal process in EA Science.  Any suggestions.  I am in year 7 right now and will begin next year 2011-2012.  Thanks Julie P
  3. Ann 3/30/2011

    I am currently in the process of renewing my National Board in the area of ECYA_ENs -- has anyone completed this process?  I am really stuck and unmotivated!!!!
  4. SenoraSpanish 3/8/2011

    I am currently involved in the Take One process for NBPTS-WLOE.  I am planning on working on certification this year as well.  If you are undergoing the process for Spanish, or any language, as well, please email me!
  5. Kathy Carptner 2/3/2011

    I would like to chat with some other renewal candidates who are Early Childhood Generalist endorsed. How to I go about that?
  6. Connie 10/7/2010

    WEAC Convention, October 28th & 29th

    This is a reminder of the upcoming WEAC Teachers Convention being held in the Alliant Energy Center in Madison on Thursday, October 28 and Friday, October 29. There will be valuable candidate support workshops provided during the convention on both days. Please bring your questions, portfolio entries, work samples, videos or anything that you are currently working on for your National Board Certification process. An exhibit booth will be located in the Exhibit Hall which will be staffed during the Convention with NBCTs who can also help you with your entries.

    THURSDAY, October 28: 1:00-4:00 "Getting Started" facilitated by NBCTs Jo Christianson, Jefferson and Deanna Brunlinger, Elkhorn. This workshop will provide valuable tips in getting organized for the National Board Certification process. Located in Sheraton - Reflection A.

    FRIDAY, October 29: 10:00-12:45  "National Board Certification Portfolio Writing" facilitated by Wendy Sondrol, NBCT Mukwonago. This workshop will provide you with tips to identify your accomplished teaching in your writing. Located in sheraton - Reflection A.

  7. Kristen Henningfeld 10/4/2010

    I noticed you joined the groupsite. That is a great place to find a mentor in your area. I'm not sure where you are located, but there is a list of candidate support sessions on the weac/wnbn page and the groupsite page. If you are near any of those areas, it would be worth the drive. Many of us will also mentor online and over the phone.

    Kristen Henningfeld, NBCT
  8. Kristen Henningfeld 10/4/2010

    Hi DF-
    1. There is a list of incentives offered by districts throughout the state on the right side of the WEAC National Board site (go to professional resources-national boards-incentives). The same list is on the wnbn groupsite, which is a professional networking site where you can connect with other candidates, NBCT's, and renewal candidates (and those who completed the renewal process). The groupsite addresss is

    2. There is information listed on the groupsite about renewal. The site also has information. There are people on the groupsite who have gone through the renewal process, so that would be a good place to connect. I will be going through the renewal process in 2014 (I certified in 2006).

    Thanks for asking, and I hope this helps.

    Kristen Henningfeld, NBCT
  9. D Figueroa 10/4/2010

    Hi--I certified in 2005 in YA English Lg and am looking for two things:  1) what incentives on the local salary schedule have people received regarding Board Certification? 2) Who has gone through the RE-certification process and is willing to be a contact person?
  10. Angeles Sitzes 10/1/2010

    I signed up for NBC and I am in need of some mentors in my area WLOE-EAYA.   If anyone certified in the same area is interested on helping me out along this process I would be very grateful.
  11. Kristen Henningfeld 9/17/2010

    Reframing discussions about National Boards

    One of the discussions we had during our WEAC Summer Academy session with Nancy Flanagan revolved around language we use to share information about the National Board process. It seems there are three groups of educators (and others) out there: the NBCT/candidates/supporters; the group of people who do not know what NBPTS is; and the third group...the group of educators that discount the NB process. That tends to be the group of people who have made comments (and if you are an NBCT-you have heard them!) like: "Those National Board teachers think they are so much better," "What makes them think they know so much more?" "National Boards? That's that test for teachers." I understand this is a free country and we are all entitled to our own opinions, so this is where we step in. For starters, we NBCT's don't think we are any better, but we did make a choice to better ourselves.

    If you listen to a discussion by NBCT's, you will hear key phrases and terms. When an NBCT uses terms such as  like pass/fail, portfolio, etc, it implies that the National Board process is a test. In order for fellow educators to gain a better understanding and acceptance of the NB process, we "believers" (aka group 1..see above) may need to reconsider the language we use when discussing the Board process with people who have not gone through or are not familiar with the National Boards. For example:

    We may say pass/fail with fellow NBCT's but that gives the impression that the NB process is a test. The National Board process is not a test. The Boards are a process that involves dedicated reflection, video taping, writing, thinking, and yes, there is an assessment center component filled with application type questions. When NBCT's say pass/fail, what we really mean is certify or not certify. Truly, anyone who goes through the NB process, whether they certify or not, will improve his/her teaching practice.

    It is important to emphasize the the process continues post-certification. This is not just a "go through the work and be done" process. This is a continued journey of self improvement. Which leads me to another point of our discussion in July...

    The NB process IS a journey of SELF-improvement.  It is not a competition. Certifying, as Nancy said, does not make as better than anyone else, it means we were able to commit to the process and meet or exceed the standards.We choose to improve our own teaching so that we may contribute to our own teams and improve student-learning.

    Next time someone says, NB is a teacher test, gently remind them that, although there is an assessment center component, that the process is more than that. Share what the NB process means to you, meant to you, how it impacted your teaching, learning, communication skills, etc.

    Continue to be proud, because achieving NBCT status and/or going through the NB process IS indeed something to be proud of regardless of the person you are speaking to.

    Thanks for reading and letting me borrow the soapbox to stand on for a bit.

  12. Kristen Henningfeld 9/17/2010

    Karen T.-I would request to be added to the WNBN groupsite
    and ask the question there. We have many people available to assist. You could also take advantage of a mentor who is not certified in Library Sciences.

    I would also consider checking into the available candidate support sessions offered throughout the state. These could be a great networking opportunity. Sessions are listed on the WEAC/WNBN page as well as the WNBN groupsite.

    I hope this helps.

  13. Karen T. 9/16/2010

    I am beginning the renewal process for Library Media.  Anyone out there doing the same?
  14. Kristen Henningfeld 7/13/2010

    Nancy Flanagan is coming to Summer Academy to lead National Board Candidate Support Training!!!!! If you are an NBCT and have not signed up yet for this training, please do so. Nancy is awesome! She is a former Teacher of the Year in Michigan, NBCT, and blogs for Educational Leadership (Teacher in a Strange Land). We are so lucky to have her coming to Stevens Point. Please take advantage of this great opportunity and register for the session July 25-28, 2010. It's not too late and we would love to see you there!

    Check out her blog sometime, too...Teacher in a Strange Land.

    And for you candidates and "I'm still thinking about it" candidates, sign up for the Intro to National Board Session for some helpful and comprehensive information.
  15. Lauren Mittermann 5/13/2010

    I completed my national board certification renewal this past school year, and I'm now waiting for the results. I enjoyed the components, and felt that it was a valuable experience. Just wish we didn't have to wait so long for results.....
  16. Sheila Kohl 4/9/2010

    Hi Lauren,

    Are you a member of WNBN's Groupsite?  There are NBCT's  on there who are recertifying.  It's an easy way to communicate with people who are going through the process as well!

    Also, have you seen the NBPTS web videos on renewal?

    Best of luck!
    Sheila K.
  17. Lauren Mittermann 4/8/2010

    I am in the process of renewing my national board for professional teaching standards certification in the area of EA Social Studies.  Are there any other teachers out there renewing this year?

  18. Mary Bradley 2/20/2010

    Just looking for someone with great ideas on how to write up the literacy section on the student's writing samples.
  19. Sherron Hardwick 1/21/2010

    Looking for teachers certified in AYA SOCIAL STUDIES
  20. Sherron 1/21/2010

    I am in search of anyone who is pursuing National Board in AYA ( Social Studies). In need of a great lesson plan.
  21. Janis Swanson 11/29/2009

    I am looking for others who are certified or working on certification in health education. I didn't certify this year and would welcome communication with others in my discipline.
  22. Suzanne 9/28/2009

    I am a 2nd time candidate.  I was wondering if we have gotten close enough that someone might know some round about dates of when scores will be released. I am already started stressing about it.
  23. Patti Jo De Villers 9/22/2009

    Fall Greetings~
    I  received  a book recently released from Amazon titled, So You Want to Become a National Board Certified Teacher: Workbook and Evidence Manual. The author is Jerry L. Parks, who earned National Board Certification in 2002.  The copyright is 2009. The book is very user friendly and would be a great resource for support groups. The cost is approximately $15.00.
    Best wishes! Patti Jo De Villers
  24. Sheila 8/25/2009

    Hi Tricia,

    I am sorry, but right now we have the site limited to WI people interested in NBCT.  That's due mostly to the fact that we will be talking about things having to do with our state.  Feel free to use this site as much as you like!

  25. Tricia 8/23/2009

    Hi! I am a National Board candidate in California. This groupsite ( sounds like a great resource for me, but is it primarily for teachers in Wisconsin? 
  26. Sheila 8/10/2009

    Hi Chris,

    There is a process for renewing certification- there are quite a few people in Wisconsin who have recently gone through it.  Are you nearing the point where you are going to renew?  We could put you in contact with people who have done it, if you like!


    P.S.  We have a new Groupsite:

    Feel free to request membership; you will have access to information about NB.
  27. Kristen Henningfeld 8/7/2009

    Hi Chris
    We will be adding a subgroup to the groupsite listed above on this page specifically to address renewal questions. At this time, you will receive notice in your 8th year of NB Certification that you are eligible to send in and sign up for the renewal process. However, if you are interested in viewing information on the renewal process before your 8th year, there is information at the website. Technically, you could start working on entries before your 8th year-except the videotape. Check out the nb website, and I'm hoping to get a subgroup up with additional renewal information next week. Feel free to email me from the groupsite with any questions. If we can't get you the answers you are looking for, then we can find someone who has the answers. Thanks for the question--and I promise more information will be arriving shortly!
  28. Kristen Henningfeld 8/5/2009

    Hi Sheila-
    Its just me again. I love that there is now a National Board page included on WEAC's web site. This page has created access for so many more people to receive information on the NB process and opens lines of communication. I look forward to seeing this page and interest in National Boards grow in the coming years.
  29. Chris 7/28/2009

    how does one renew their nation board certification?
  30. Kristen 7/7/2009

    Hi Sheila
    Thanks for taking on the NB Blog. See you in Atlanta!

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