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Advice You Can't Afford to Miss

By Bob Moeller
WEAC Member Benefits

September 2002

Financial Planning Seminars
Achieving Financial Independence

Robert F. Moeller is a Certified Financial Planner who is employed by WEAC to serve members’ financial planning needs. This service is at no cost to you. Bob has no products to sell you. He makes no commissions on the advice he shares with you.
His financial planning presentations are designed to help you manage your financial life and achieve financial independence by:

  • Determining where you are financially.
  • Learning to control your financial life.
  • Getting smart with debt.
  • Estimating your retirement income needs.
  • Estimating your Wisconsin Retirement System and Social Security benefits.
  • Understanding your retirement options.
  • Taking advantage of your tax-sheltered annuity privilege.
  • Understanding mutual fund investing.
  • Realizing the importance of estate planning (even if you’re young).
  • Knowing the best insurances.

Individual member appointments are also available. It is recommended that you attend a seminar first as you will benefit more from an individual meeting after having the opportunity to consider this information and relate it to your specific needs. To arrange an individual member appointment, contact Diana Buchholz in the Member Benefits office at 1-800-362-8034 or 608-276-7711, extension 253.

If you have questions or you prefer to contact Bob in writing, mail your inquiries to Bob Moeller at WEAC, P.O. Box 8003, Madison, WI 53708-8003, or by e-mail at:

Whether you are beginning a new career in education, have several years of service under the Wisconsin Retirement System, or are nearing retirement, don’t let this year go by without taking advantage of these valuable financial planning services available to you as a WEAC member.

Posted August 23, 2002

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