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Resource Page On The 2005-07 State Budget

Governor highlights property tax report [11/30/05]

Legislature sustains Doyle's vetoes [9/30/05]

WEAC urges legislators to reject veto override attempts [9/16/05]

Governor’s vetoes restore state’s promise to great schools, Johnson says [7/25/05]

Senate passes budget that would harm great schools [7/1/05]

Assembly passes budget with JFC’s education cuts [6/22/05]

WEA Trust's Evert testifies on health insurance bargaining issue [6/17/05]

WEAC members defend public education during Lobby Day [6/16/05]

Protecting kids and taxpayers, a column by Governor Jim Doyle [6/15/05]

Lieutenant Governor Lawton speaks about JFC budget proposal [6/15/05]

Joint Finance Committee budget would force massive, immediate cuts [6/10/05]

Doyle worried about Legislature's budget priorities [5/20/05]

State revenue estimates increase by $350 million [5/20/05]

Joint Finance Committee strips QEO repeal from budget bill [4/13/05]

Bill would undermine SAGE, Doyle says [4/12/05]

Improve school funding now, before it's too late, panel told [3/18/05]

Note: On March 11, Governor Doyle vetoed the Republican property tax bill, and on March 16 the Assembly upheld his veto.

The governor had planned to veto the measure earlier, but Republican legislative leaders chose to withhold the bill at the last minute. They finally sent the bill to him on March 11, and he vetoed it immediately, saying it failed to protect public schools and local governments. The governor's property tax freeze plan includes $850 million in new school aid.

Members speak out in favor of governor's budget [3/11/05]

'It's time to get to work' on the state budget, Doyle says [2/24/05]

Legislature approves Republican property tax gimmick; Doyle vows veto [2/28/05]

Governor's budget in step with Wisconsin values [2/9/05]

Highlights of Governor Doyle's budget proposal [2/9/05]


Background information on per pupil spending [6/20/05]

SAGE: Will flexibility help students? [5/9/05]

State Budget brief: Student Achievement Guarantee in Education (SAGE) [4/29/05]

State Budget brief: Benefiting all Wisconsin citizens [4/19/05]

State Budget brief: Placing kids in classrooms that work [4/20/05]

State Budget brief: Maintaining quality staff in schools [4/20/05]

Doyle's budget spares technical colleges [3/4/05]

Key points about Governor Doyle's responsible freeze [2/9/05]

Governor Doyle's education funding increases by county (external link to

Projected increases in state aid under Governor Doyle's 2005-07 budget recommendations (links to 38 KB PDF) - Numerical data (links to 52 KB PDF)

Comparison of Republican, Governor Doyle property tax freeze proposals (links to 24.5 KB PDF) - Numerical data (links to 7.81 PDF)

Resource page on tax gimmicks


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