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Editor's Blog

By Bill Hurley

Social Media, Technology, Journalism, Education

  • WEAC wins social media, web, design awards

    By WEAC Editor Bill Hurley

    As hundreds of thousands of protesters rallied at the State Capitol last winter, another equally - or even larger - group of people organized online through social media resources that included Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. WEAC's social media sites quickly became key sources of information and support for teachers, education support professionals, state employees and others affected and interested in the developments, and activity on these sites exploded.

    Just as an example, the number of "interactions" on the WEAC Facebook page - measured by the number of times users clicked a "like" button or added ...

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  • 'Bring Back Wisconsin to Me'

    By Bill Hurley

    Now that the State Capitol has been unshackled (the metal detectors have finally been removed and all the doors opened up), I decided to take a quick walk through it at the noonhour today. I had actually forgotten that the Solidarity Sing-alongs were still going on in the Rotunda and was very pleased to see and hear dozens of people singing loudly and proudly. 

    I didn't have my HD Flip Cam with me, so I grabbed my Evo and recorded this dedicated - and talented - group singing 'Bring Back Wisconsin to Me'. It is just one ...

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  • 'We shall overcome'

    By Bill Hurley

    It was a very difficult week for Wisconsin educators, public sector workers and millions of citizens. Not only did the Republicans in the state legislature pass an oppressive budget that slashes school budgets and undercuts essential public services, the State Supreme Court cleared the way for a law that strips Wisconsin educators and public employees of their collective bargaining rights.

    Emotions ran high on Tuesday as protesters gathered outside the Capitol to let legislators know that these actions are unjust, violate the values of Wisconsin, and will not stand.

    As the rally came to an end, literally thousands ...

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  • Provision threatens Internet access in schools

    By WEAC Editor Bill Hurley

    At a time when Internet access is becoming so important in our lives and the future lives of our students, the Republicans who control the Wisconsin State Legislature have advanced a measure that threatens Internet access for public schools and other institutions.

    According to State Superintendent Tony Evers, three-quarters of our public schools get Internet access through WiscNet - a not-for-profit network service under the auspices of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A provision inserted into the state budget by the Joint Finance Committee will likely make it impossible for WiscNet to continue offering Internet access, ...

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  • Where to get information about the Walkerville Tent City at the Capitol

    Citizens from throughout Wisconsin are returning to the State Capitol beginning this weekend, but with a different approach from the mass rallies of February and March.

    This time they are setting up Walkerville - a 'city' of tents around the Capitol Square calling attention to the devastating state budget cuts to education, health care and other programs benefiting Wisconsin's working families. This Tent City will stay up possibly for weeks as the Legislature debates the Republicans' Draconian state budget, with its massive impacts on children, parents, the elderly, disabled, union workers and much more.

    Walkerville information is available on several websites, ...

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  • An inspirational story of unity, pride, and determination

    Yes, the crowds have diminished at the State Capitol, at least for now. But the resolve that those crowds exhibited has not diminished at all. It is still evident in the faces of educators and other public employees throughout the state, in their attendance at pickets and vigils and government meetings, their ongoing demonstrations of camaraderie and support through social media, and in their unprecedented, united efforts to recall Republican state senators now and Governor Walker down the road. Their resolve to reverse the pain and division that this governor has wrought on our state is still burning strong in their hearts. ...

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  • Let’s get Monk to investigate election fraud in Waukesha County!

    #wiunion #weac

    Anyone who’s ever seen the TV show Monk knows that Monk applies his OC genius to solve every case put before him. Send him to Waukesha County, and in less than an hour he will figure out where those extra 14,000 State Supreme Court votes came from! What do you think? If you agree, join in the conversation on the WEAC Facebook page and join the Cause:

    Let’s Get Monk to Investigate Waukesha County Election Fraud!

    These are the positions of the cause:

    1. Monk will find clues that the GAB, AG and Feds will overlook.
    2. Monk will make ...

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  • Hundreds chant "Shame!" as Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee walk out on them

    If you read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel or watched the local Milwaukee TV stations' reports on Monday's Joint Finance Committee state budget hearing at State Fair Park in West Allis, you would know little or nothing about the shameful behavior displayed by Republicans on the committee.

    Thanks to my Flip cam, YouTube, Facebook and other social media tools such as this blog, we are able to let people know what really happened late in the day of that hearing.

    The committee scheduled its hearing during the day and set an ending time of 6:00 p.m. With two minutes allotted per ...

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  • A visit to the State Capitol

    After hearing about tightened security and unreasonable rules restricting free speech rights at the State Capitol, I decided to head down there yesterday and see for myself. I was sickened by what I saw.

    I have spent a lot of time in the Capitol over the years, including working there for three years as a State Capitol reporter for the Milwaukee Sentinel. Like so many people, I love that building and I respect it as a symbol for the great traditions of this state, including open and honest government.

    It took very little time for me to see just how ...

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  • What the heck is happening at the State Capitol?

    Unless you follow social media, you probably don’t know a lot about what is happening at the Capitol these days. But citizen journalists with Flip cams are shedding a bright light on it.

    Persistent peaceful protesters inside the Capitol are being subjected – in an almost police state atmosphere - to rigid rules about where they can go and how they can express themselves. And they are being given citations when they respectfully refuse to comply with these rules, which they believe violate their First Amendment rights.

    I haven’t actually been to the Capitol for a couple weeks, so how ...

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