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UniServ Directors work with local leaders to organize members to participate in events designed to bring positive change to employees working in public education. UniServ Directors assist local leaders during contract negotiations, processing grievances, they provide training for local leaders, help with public relations, promote and help organize membership involvement in legislative and electoral activities.

In addition UniServ directors work with WEAC's legal division in preparation of prohibited practices charges and other forms of litigation on behalf of members. Finally, UniServ Directors present and brief grievance and interest (contract) arbitration cases on behalf of represented unit members.

The position of Staff Assistant works with the UniServ Executive Directors and the UniServ President and other local officers to organize and coordinate communications within the UniServ. The Staff Assistant also assists the Lakewood Officers with bookkeeping matters, meeting notices and preparation, processing members' union dues, vouchers and makes meeting and travel arrangements. If you have changes in your personal email or home addresses and contact information, or changes related to union officers, please notify the Staff Assistant as soon as possible.
This is 11.29 communication with WEAC members